Drawing Tool Directions:

Using the "Drawing Tool" for your Map Search is fun and easy. 

1. First, locate the "Drawing Tool" at the top of the Map Search page.

2. Click "Once" on the tool. 

3. Move the mouse over the top of the map and notice that there is now a "Cross hair".

4. Locate a starting position and click once. As you do this, a straight line will appear as you move the mouse.

5. Each time you click the mouse, a new segment can be drawn.

6. By clicking the mouse, you can draw a shape around the area that you would like to search.

7. To complete your shape, join the straight lines one at a time until you have returned back to the beginning.

8. Click the last time, back on the point that you started at and the shape will close.

9. To start over or "Clear" the shape, simply return to the Drawing Tool Icon and click "Clear".