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Aug. 15, 2018

Days on Market

"Days on Market" can be a good indicator for how to approach a property. If a home sets on the Active list for more than 30 days, it probably has what I call "Special Circumstances". This can be as simple as Over Pricing or as complicated as the property is in Probate. With a Hot Market like the one we are experiencing now, properly priced homes can and often are sold within hours and with multiple offers to choose from. The good new is, there are still some "Deals" available if you are willing to be patient. If you live outside of Lake Havasu City and can't be present to view a home as soon as it comes on to the market, you may consider looking at homes that have been sitting for 60 days or more. They can be more open to negotiating when it comes to price and or if there is a contingency that will attach to your offer. DON'T PANIC, there are plenty of homes to choose from. When looking at a property on, scroll down a half a page and find the DOM (Days on Market). If this home looks nice and has been active for 60 days or more, GIVE ME A CALL!!! It is likely that we can get a better price and you won't have to endure so much distress while we negotiate around the special circumstances that may exist. DOM - it can and often is a WINNING STRATEGY!!

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Aug. 15, 2018

Quick guide to reviewing your "Favorites"

Hello BOLD * SOLD clients and friends! Just so we can be as efficient as possible, we have recently created a quick way for you to review your "Favorites" without scrolling thru your properties viewed list to find them. LOOK to the upper right hand corner of your screen and find the "Person Icon". Click on it and a menu bar will come down. Click on the "Favorites" tab and voila!!!

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Jan. 22, 2018

Steps to Completing the Closing

"Sellers" - Don't let your Home Sale fall apart!

Avoid these 5 common mistakes/traps;

Tread carefully in the weeks ahead because if you make one of these common seller mistakes, your deal may not close.

1. Forgetting about/Ignoring your contingencies - 

If your contract requires you to do something before the sale, DO IT! If the buyers make the sale CONTINGENT on certain repairs, don't do cheap patch-jobs and expect the buyers not to notice the fixes weren't done properly.

2. Neglecting to fix obvious things that break or will break - 

The last thing any Seller needs is for the Buyers to notice during the pre-closing walk-through that the home isn't in the same condition as it was when they made their offer. When things fall apart in a home about to be purchased, Sellers must make the repairs. If the air conditioner fails, get a professional to fix/service it and inform the Buyers that it was done. When you fail to maintain the home, Buyers may lose confidence in your integrity and the condition of the home may come in to question. The Buyer may very well back out of the deal. 

3. Losing track of Deadlines - 

Treat deadlines as sacrosanct. If you have three days to accept or reject the home inspection, make your decision within three days. If you’re selling, move out a few days early, so you can turn over the keys at closing.

4. Digging in/Refusing to Negotiate any further - 

Once you’ve negotiated a price, it’s natural to calculate how much you’ll walk away with from the closing table. However, problems uncovered during inspections will have to be fixed. The appraisal may come in at a price below what the buyers offered to pay. Be prepared to negotiate with the buyers over these bottom-line-influencing issues.

5. Hide Liens from Buyers - 

Did you neglect to mention that Uncle Sam has placed a tax lien on your home or you owe six months of homeowners association fees? The title search is going to turn up any liens filed on your house. To sell your house, you have to pay off the lien (or get the borrower to agree to pay it off). If you can do that with the sales proceeds, great. If not, the sale isn’t going to close.

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Jan. 21, 2018

Pricing Pyramid - BOLD*SOLD

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Jan. 19, 2018

Wire Fraud - "This is Serious"


are targeting Social Media and Email to steal information! This is particularly common in Real Estate transactions because sensitive data including Social Security Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, and Wire Instructions are often sent by electronic means. I do not want you to be the next VICTIM of wire fraud. Money wired to a fraudulent account is stolen money and typically CANNOT BE RECOVERED. Additionally, there is generally no insurance for the loss. You may never get the money back.


Do not trust emails containing wire instructions

If you receive an email containing wire transfer instructions, immediately call your escrow officer to ensure the validity of the instructions.

Do not trust emails seeking personal/financial information

If you receive and email requesting personal/financial information or asking you to download, click on a link, send, and/or do anything that may seem unusual to you, call your escrow officer immediately prior to acting on the suspicious email to verify the validity of the email.


Trust your source of information

Never direct, accept or allow anyone in the transaction to consent to receiving transfer instructions without a direct personal telephone call to the individual allegedly providing the instructions.

It is imperative that this call be made to a number obtained in person from the individual or through other reliable means, not from a number provided in the email or the wiring instructions.



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Jan. 18, 2018

The Seller's "Sweet Spot"

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Jan. 16, 2018

BOLD*SOLD Tips to getting Great Photo's of your Home

Let there be LIGHT - Turn on all lights in your home, lamps, appliances etc!

Action is a Distraction - Turn OFF all your ceiling fans.

Hey, whats outside? - Open all shutters, blinds and curtains to allow the natural light in through your windows.

OOPS! - Close all of your toilet seat covers.

Less is MORE! - Remove all that "STUFF" from your bathroom counters and shower.

Rubbish! - Clutter is a distraction. Remove personal items and keep the garbage cans hidden.

Hey Kitty, Kitty..... - Remove all pet items if possible.

It's a ???? - Put away all the baby items if at all possible.

I can see clearly now! - Have All windows cleaned and clear.

UGGGH - Vacuum and dust "Everything".

Ship Shape - make all the beds and tidy-up all the rooms!

Off to the races - remove your cars from the garage, sweep and or wash garage floor.

Rah, Rah, Rah - remove all your favorite team items.

Hide and seek - put all pool equipment, hoses, outside items out of site.

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Jan. 8, 2018

The Spotlight Shines Bright By Lake Havasu Homes

Theater and arts flourish next to Lake Havasu homes. Grace Arts Live: A Main Street Performing Arts Theater presents an array of high quality community theater performances to the delight of residents living in the area. Productions range from comedy to drama and all are guaranteed to provide a good time. Spots on the calendar also are filled with concerts, special events, workshops and youth programs. Creating a love of theater is easy with family entertainment. Grace Arts Live features a multitude of age appropriate shows. Past lineups include blockbusters such as Miracle on 34th Street, Oliver, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. The 2018 is just as exciting. Audiences eagerly await Willy Wonka, Mary Poppins, Follies, Sister Act and the beloved classic Hello Dolly.

Get into Character on Lake Havasu Real Estate

As a community theater open auditions bring the dream of acting on stage to life for many. Those with a true calling can find their way paved to the stage. Step by step Grace Arts Live encourages performers of all ages. Workshops cover the basics from stage presence to becoming employed in the industry. The onsite Arizona Coast Performing Arts Dance Studio offers a wide range of instruction. Students as young as three can begin a lifelong love of dancing. It’s never too old to learn new things. Enthusiastic adults will find just the right class for them as well. All the genres are covered. Pre Ballet and Tap get eager students ready for class. Ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, and modern techniques are all taught by inspired instructors. Musical theater sessions bring it all together. Find out more about dance attire and class etiquette requirements here.

Located close to Lake Havasu homes at 2146 McCulloch Blvd., this little theater brings big entertainment to the region. Residents and aficionados of the theater often decide to become season ticket holders. It’s also easy to support the facility by becoming a patron of the arts. Call 928.505.2787 for additional information on performance packages and sponsorship opportunities.


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Jan. 7, 2018

Satisfaction Is Found on Lake Havasu Property

Take lunch by the London Bridge without ever leaving this Lake Havasu property. Settle in for a juicy burger and an overflowing of fresh cut fries at Burgers By The Bridge. Dine on the quaint patio right in the heart of the historic English Village. Family owned and operated the food here is handcrafted and beyond delicious. Run by a devoted mother and son team, Harriet Maclaren and Jake Holley make sure quality is key and only the finest foods ever pass muster.

Serving American comfort cuisine at its best Lake Havasu residents just can’t get enough. Burgers are beyond prime. Beginning with third pound Angus burgers, diners choose from the Western bacon, Ortega or good old fashioned cheeseburger. The menu boasts more than just burgers though. Chili cheese and bacon wrapped hot dogs are super satisfying. Many truly feel as if they are dining in London with a basket of traditional fish and chips complete with homemade tartar sauce. Customers rave about other seafood selections including shrimp, king crab legs and lobster tails. Combining all three, the seafood platter overflows and is big enough for sharing.

Spice It Up on Lake Havasu Real Estate

Appetizers are great for grabbing on the go. Mozzarella sticks melt in your mouth. Both nachos and chili cheese fries are fork worthy. Wings are spicy or mild, prepared habanero, buffalo, Asian or barbeque style. Those seeking something on the lighter side find contentment with a variety of salads. A bit more refreshing than a burger but equally filling the menu contains several choices. Popular blends include southwest chicken, fruit and nut and a classic chicken Caesar. Children roaming around this Lake Havasu property with their families are delighted with their very own menu. Featuring an array of kid friendly options, smiles break out all around.

As the temperatures rise, cravings for cool treats hit an all time high. Shakes are thick, rich and flavorful and ice cream cones compete with sundaes. While treating the kids, mom and dad can indulge too with signature adult beverages. Favored concoctions include London Lemonade and the Bridge Breeze. When hunger strikes, come on down and satisfy it.


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Dec. 30, 2017

Dive into Fun while Living in Lake Havasu

Swimmers living in Lake Havasu indulge in open swim play, aquatic exercise and competitive sport. The Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center, located off of Highway 95 is the perfect place to be during all kinds of weather. Indoor and outdoor amenities keep residents active and happy with year round programs.

Inside the facility three heated pools set the scene for therapy sessions, swim lessons and good old fashion splashing around. Kids of all ages have a blast bobbing up and down in the wave pool and slipping down two exciting slides. Spots on the calendar are marked for open swim, a popular time for families making memories. Designated lap swim provides space for quality and stress free exercise to maintain fitness goals. Seniors battling arthritis find relief by frequenting the arthritis class. The outdoor splash pad is perfect for cooling off on hot, sunshiny days. Nearby open grassy spaces are perfect for picnic lunches and chilling on a lawn blanket.

Serious Swimmers Applaud Lake Havasu Property Aquatics

Plenty have learned to swim on the Lake Havasu property thanks to a comprehensive swim program. Here they start off young. Parent and me classes begin with babies as young as six months old. Getting used to the water while having fun is the goal for these frogs, pollywogs and tadpoles. Once dubbed as guppies, confident preschoolers master all kinds of skills including floating and changing direction. Independent swimmers focus on treading water and elementary stroke development as they transform into determined starfish. Many who are serious about the sport move on to join the Havasu Stingrays. This competitive swim team is open to kids ages six and over.

Jump into the best birthday party yet at the Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center. Parents living in Lake Havasu make great memories on their youngster’s special day with a pool party. Packages include access to the wave pool, slides and outdoor splash park. Party planners are in their element and can be contacted by calling 928.453.8686 to put things in motion.


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