Let there be LIGHT - Turn on all lights in your home, lamps, appliances etc!

Action is a Distraction - Turn OFF all your ceiling fans.

Hey, whats outside? - Open all shutters, blinds and curtains to allow the natural light in through your windows.

OOPS! - Close all of your toilet seat covers.

Less is MORE! - Remove all that "STUFF" from your bathroom counters and shower.

Rubbish! - Clutter is a distraction. Remove personal items and keep the garbage cans hidden.

Hey Kitty, Kitty..... - Remove all pet items if possible.

It's a ???? - Put away all the baby items if at all possible.

I can see clearly now! - Have All windows cleaned and clear.

UGGGH - Vacuum and dust "Everything".

Ship Shape - make all the beds and tidy-up all the rooms!

Off to the races - remove your cars from the garage, sweep and or wash garage floor.

Rah, Rah, Rah - remove all your favorite team items.

Hide and seek - put all pool equipment, hoses, outside items out of site.