are targeting Social Media and Email to steal information! This is particularly common in Real Estate transactions because sensitive data including Social Security Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, and Wire Instructions are often sent by electronic means. I do not want you to be the next VICTIM of wire fraud. Money wired to a fraudulent account is stolen money and typically CANNOT BE RECOVERED. Additionally, there is generally no insurance for the loss. You may never get the money back.


Do not trust emails containing wire instructions

If you receive an email containing wire transfer instructions, immediately call your escrow officer to ensure the validity of the instructions.

Do not trust emails seeking personal/financial information

If you receive and email requesting personal/financial information or asking you to download, click on a link, send, and/or do anything that may seem unusual to you, call your escrow officer immediately prior to acting on the suspicious email to verify the validity of the email.


Trust your source of information

Never direct, accept or allow anyone in the transaction to consent to receiving transfer instructions without a direct personal telephone call to the individual allegedly providing the instructions.

It is imperative that this call be made to a number obtained in person from the individual or through other reliable means, not from a number provided in the email or the wiring instructions.